Now as well all now, the quality of an Adam Sandler film has deteriorated since he released Little Nicky
This film is no exception

From the get go, there is nothing to suggest that there is any major plot or emotional value behind the story, due to the fact that the plot is revolved around a basketball game that 5 guys played when they were about 8 years old!
It follows 5 guys (Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade and Rob Schneider (which I thought all in one movie would be amazing!)) who receive horrifying news that their basketball coach from primary school (yes I am British) has died, so they go to his funeral and decided to scatter his ashes at a place he used to take the basketball team. Already there are things wrong with this film.

1 – Why the FUCK have these 5 guys received his ashes? Surely the coach’s family would like to keep the ashes or scatter them their selves, rather than 5 randomers who won a basketball game for him to just take them and throw them away!! 2 - Why on earth would anybody have such an emotional attachment to a coach, unless he touched them in the locker room, which would bring up all sorts of questions……

I would highly recommend avoiding this film due to shoddy acting and a fucking stupid story!
Admittedly there are only 2 good things about this film, which are Rob Schneider’s amazing performance as a freak (or is he just playing himself on screen?) and Steve Buscemi.

God knows why the fuck he did this film!!!



As this was the latest movie for my eyes to see, i thought i would review it first! The main concept of this film is for Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) to escort Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to the Greek theatre in Los Angeles for a 10 year anniversary gig of Snow’s band, Infant Sorrow.

If anyone has seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, then they will already know that this is a spin off from that film, using Brand’s same character, but re-casting Jonah Hill into a different role. In FSM Brand was playing a tee total rock star, off all the drugs and booze for 7 years (to the current point). In this film, Brand has just broken off with pop star girlfriend Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) due to her wanting to drink again, being bored with the sober relationship they are in. This sends him off on a downward spiral, taking him back to his wonders of drugs and alcohol.
Through this, creates the story of Get Him To The Greek.
The amount of funny situations that Brand gets Hill into are uncountable. At one point in the film, Brand suggests Hill to hide Heroin in to his rectum as they are in the boarding line to get on a plane.
If i were to say any more of these funny moments, i would just spoil the film. Sean Combs (or as he is more commonly known P. Diddy) probably has some of the best moments in this film, even at one point, referencing himself as to being a fast runner due to being black! What a racist!

All in all, Russell Brand pretty much played a drug addeled version of himself, Jonah Hill did very well in a very different role to what we usually see him in and P. Diddy was just outstanding! I suggest that everybody should buy the DVD of this film

Or if not that, just fucking watch it!